Friday, June 8, 2012

A lot of beaching

Insert celebratory Friday exclamation here! Hollaaaa!

Last night I had my millionth 3rd eye doctor appointment of the past two weeks. I was informed that the holes in my eyes are healing nicely (lovely) ... and I still need to be glasses bound through the weekend. Sweet.

Sad Grandma Face
However I really didn't get too angry, for two specific reasons.

Reason #1: I was wearing my favorite shirt at the time...

I make fast look good. (truth)

Reason #2: Andrew and I are going to the beach tomorrow.

anticipatory grandma face
It's funny because a little over a year ago, early morning weekends typically meant we were getting up to drive into the mountains to ski AKA shred some powder.

The good ole' days
Now it means this:

Rehoboth Beach
I expect Saturday to be full of sun, sand, some reading, some country music and a whole lot of laying. My poor eyes, as well as my foot are in need of some rest... and so that's precisely what I shall give them.

Anyone else have a restful weekend planned?


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  1. That's exactly what I did today! (Well, no eye holes or glasses......) Joey and I spent some quality time in the sun yesterday and this afternoon, and I decided since it was 90 degrees I'd postpone my "long run" until tomorrow AM when it will be 70 (much nicer and less likely to die). Enjoy :)


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