Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Big Move

Let me just start by saying, today I got to run outside in short sleeves for the first time in a long time. It was beautiful. More on that later.

Wow, the past 48 hours have been an absolute whirlwind. The drive out here was as easy as pie. Why pie is easy, I'm unsure, as I'm pretty sure I'd screw it up if I ever tried to bake one. But that's beside the point.

My trip began early Monday morning to the pleasant surprise of me waking up with pink eye. It's a funny thing, waking up with pink eye. My first reaction was sadness, and the second, wondering at what point the previous day had I rubbed poo in my eye. Kidding...but seriously.

Regardless, there wasn't much I could do about it, besides put on my glasses and suck it up. I was too freaking pumped about everything to let it bring me down anyway.
Me being pumped, with pink eye.

5 AM rolled around and I pulled out of Crystal Lake, Shannon (the name of my Honda Civic), packed to the brim.  The 11 hours really did fly by, due to a combination of my great family and friend's phone calls, and my own fantastic DJ'ing ability. In fact, I sang so loudly for so long, my voice still is a bit raspy today.

States and cities I passed through along the way reminded me of friends and memories. As I drove just south of Toledo, Ohio I couldn't help but mourn a bit. It was at the University of Toledo my Sophomore year that I attempted to eat the court during a volleyball match, losing half of my tooth. See below.

Photo credits go to Lyndi.
The trip as a whole ended up taking just under 11 hours, stops included. My wonderful Civic barely used up 3 tanks of gas for the 750 mile trip, a good portion of it taking me through the Appalachian Mountains. That in itself was a pleasant surprise, as I had no idea that Northern Maryland had mountains. I got into town right around 5 p.m. E.S.T., and had my wonderful boyfriend waiting.

So here I am now, all moved into my cute little town home. I have zero complaints so far, aside from the pink eye spreading into my other eye, forcing me to have to run in glasses today and look like a huge nerd super cute. However, the run revealed miles and miles of running trails, leaving me so giddy and sweaty afterwards I wasn't even mad about my glasses. I was just glad to be back on the trails, and to have not gotten lost.

So far, so good. May just be the runner's high, so to speak, but I'll keep you updated. Now, on to job searching!

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  1. KAIT i didnt know you had a blog up and running. I love the "because lifes too short to walk" definitely going to start quoting you all the time and maybe make some type of piece out of that some time in my life. i am so excited for you guys. 8 months since you've lived in the same state?! crazy. i love that you guys have been going at this so long no matter what its a great inspiration for others still lookin for love out there;0) definitely wnt to keep checking bck on your journey.
    but as for your pink eye, did you get that prescription eye drop medication? seriously works like heaven. get it so you dont have to look so slkdfj running in glasses. there was a girl at markin 2 days ago on the treadmill in glasses and i was secretly hoping they'd fall off. i mean who said that


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