Monday, February 6, 2012

A blog? Really Kait?

I know, I know. Way to jump on the bandwagon. First I start running, right around that time when running, warrior dashes and races of all sorts started blowing up in epic proportions. Right when running started getting "cool". Don't believe me?

Exhibit A: In 2005, the Boston Marathon didn't even completely fill it's capacity. In 2010, before the B.A.A changed the registration process, it filled it's 26,000 spots in eight hours.

Exhibit B: Red Frog Events, which puts on those ever so popular Warrior Dashes, had an estimated revenue of $50 million in 2011. The company was first founded in 2007.

Exhibit C: Today, registration for the Chicago Marathon closed as it has now filled its 45,000 available spots... these spots were filled in 6 days. This was 25 days faster than 2011.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about jumping on this bandwagon. I'd much rather see these kind of things gain much popularity versus our past unhealthier trends, such as smoking, tanning etc.

So anyways, now I'm going to follow the lead of every runner/exercise nut/health freak I know and start blogging about my own passions in life as well. But I promise, it won't only be about running.

The truth is, I love to write. I often wish I would have pursued the passion more in college, because I like to think I'm good at it. I've found recently that things I'm good at, I enjoy.

I'm not going to go into any extensive depth of my background and how I got where I am right now, you can check out my "About Me" page for more of that. But just to bring you up to speed, here we go:

After living in Colorado for the past year and a half, running my first and only marathon, (and qualifying for Boston) and making some of the sweetest friends I could ever imagine, I find myself here. Back home, in Illinois. Fresh off of turning 24 years old, six months out of Graduate School, and pretty darn jobless.

However, one week from today, you will find me in a fairly different situation. A resident of Maryland, happily reunited with my longtime boyfriend, completely friendless (locally at least), still training for Boston, and (most likely) still very, very jobless.

Stay tuned.


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