Friday, February 10, 2012

For All You Dog Lovers

This post is dedicated to the best dog I know. Maddie, or Meeks as I awkwardly nicknamed her. She's a best friend of mine, and I'm pretty convinced that even later in life, when I have other furry friends, none will surpass her.

Just this morning, at 5 Am, posing with her mouse friend Brenda.

We got her when I was in 6th grade, from a local breeder. I literally wrote my parents a persuasive essay as to why I wanted a dog, and why a Smooth-coat Fox Terrier would be the perfect fit for us. I researched breeders in the area, and even got in touch with the breeder that we got her from.  Pretty impressive for an eleven year old? I know.

She's now 12, and still plugging away. Her health is up and down; she has kidney disease, but my mom has her on a VERY strict diet that is essentially the reason she's still alive. She eats sweet potatoes by the pound and loves it. It's hilarious actually, until you have to pick up her sweet potatoe poo on walks. TMI? Long hair.

Since I've been back home she's slept in my bed with me every night. There's been nights when I want to throw her off of it because she can be pretty restless, and I'm a light sleeper myself. Yet no matter how irritated and sleep deprived I get, I still love having a cuddle buddy. She's the most loyal, intelligent dog I know, and I'm really grateful to still have her around.  So grateful in fact, that when we go to sleep every night I make her come up by my pillow next to me so we can say a little prayer together.  I know The Big Guy is watching over her just as much as the rest of us.

My road trip buddy. She's a fan of the heated seats.

I always tell Andrew how hard it's going to be to lose her. He doesn't get it; his only pet as a child was a hamster, who escaped its cage one night and was never to be seen again. But Maddie is part of our family, she's done life with us. She came to all of our soccer tournaments, oftentimes sat patiently in the car at my volleyball tournaments. She's been to Wisconsin, Indiana and Iowa I believe; quite the traveler for a little pup.  There are very few days of her life that she hasn't been walked, and she probably has more coats and scarfs than I do.

She's a gem, that dog, and it's going to be hard to once again say goodbye to her on Monday morning. But I know she's in the best of hands with my parents; I don't think they consider themselves empty nesters quite yet, as she's considered one of the girls.

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