Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chances are...

Yesterday, at 12 p.m., was the ING New York City Marathon lottery.

As many of you know, Andrew and I both had put our names in, without much thought behind it. According to the website, there is an 8-12% chance of getting selected, due to high volumes of applicants. Apparently in 2011, about 140,000 people entered the lottery.

By 1 p.m., neither of us had received emails, and kind of dismissed the thought. In my mind, I consoled myself by saying, "I really can't afford it right now anyways." Jokes on me.

Near the end of the day, when I was checking my banks accounts, I noticed a pending $255 dollar charge on my credit card, from the New York City Marathon. Following this discovery, I logged into my New York Road Runners account and glanced at my status:

Marathon registration status: Accepted 
Entry number: 967831 

Apparently I have a marathon to run this fall.

See you November 4th New York City. 

Couldn't be more pumped.

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