Monday, April 23, 2012

My weekend retreat

This weekend was extremely uneventful. And I loved it. With Andrew out of town Friday and Saturday night, I took the time to catch up on a lot of things. From grocery shopping to toe nail painting, I essentially ‘pampered’ myself.

 Post-Boston I took four days off from working out. It was the longest time off in, do I dare say, years? Yes, most likely since high school. It felt good though, and was definitely needed. Sunday I went for a short 4 mile run, yet the rain and the cold made it less enjoyable than I had hoped for. Wasn’t too psyched to have to pull out my running gloves either, as I thought for sure those had been packed away from the next 6 months or so.


Another lame highlight of my weekend was Sunday at church. Church itself was great, but what made my day in particular was seeing another man, wearing this:

I was actually wearing mine as well at the time. From what I understand most runners buy them at the expo, and each year has its own color so that you can easily spot other runners from your year. I saw an older man wearing his at church, and got super excited. My first impulse was to walk up to him and offer him a fist pound, but I realized that may have been overkill.

Alright, last item. I’m super pumped to announce that my blog is officially a member of Healthy Living Blogs (see the badge up there on the top right?!) I joined not only to gain my blog a bit of publicity, but to help keep myself on track with my posts, and the direction that I want my blog to grow. Healthy living/well-being is an area I LOVE learning about, as well as sharing with others about. This is why I plan to add a smoothie/oatmeal section on my blog, which will be updated with a new recipe once or twice a week. Smoothies and oatmeal are staples in my diet, as I eat both of these meal items on an almost daily basis, and like to think I have a few recipes up my sleeve.

More to come on that though. My bed's calling my name. Sweet dreams!

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