Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seeing Green

First off, it’s been called to my attention that some of my pictures haven’t been showing up? Sorry if you were one of the people who were affected by this, and I’m pretty sure it should be corrected now. Someone let me know if it’s not…

This week has definitely started off on the right foot. Work finally has me doing just that… work. Definitely still a lot of training to be had, but it feels good to be able to help people. The weather has progressively been getting more and more beautiful, so that’s definitely helping the good mood.

As I mentioned on Twitter, I’m starting a ‘hoarder’ drawer at work, full of snacks and other goodies I may need. It makes me happy. Something that doesn’t make me happy? My badge for work. I look like a tool in my picture, for lack of a better word.
Sign me up for the next Hoarders Episode

I'm keeping this small, for your own sake.
Since I've been released from daily lunches with my coworkers, I’ve finally begun packing my lunch. I foresee many green smoothies in my future, as I’m trying my best to keep it healthy leading up to Boston. My go-to green smoothie recipe is:

-One banana fresh or frozen
-A handful of spinach (or frozen)
-Tbsp of either peanut butter for protein (or almond butter, vanilla protein powder, greek yogurt)
-A couple ice cubes
-About a cup of soy/almond milk, and half cup of water
(If I want to mix it up, I’ll throw in some frozen berries, pineapple, etc.)

It delicious, keeps me full, and is excellent for my health on so many levels.
(Props to my dear friend Dave for giving me this basic recipe.)

Today after work I embarked on my hill training, which is always a combination of horrible and fantastic… usually in that order. After the fact, I feel great, and it’s obviously something that’s been necessary for these 26.2 coming up. The next few days will be a mix of both cross training and running as my schedule gets fairly dicey.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep you updated on the taper!



  1. Nice try green drink. Is there no bibliography on blogs or what? You're lucky I'm not more powerful I'd sue you and make you come back to Colorado so the Peterson sisters stop missing you and telling me about it.

  2. My bad my bad... I honestly forgot when you told me about the recipe! I fixed it.. props to you


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