Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the Countdown Commence

Before I launch into a hyperventilating mess about how Boston is 1 (one) WEEK from TODAY, let me give you a recap on the weekend.

Virginia Beach Recap

If I had to use one word to sum up my Easter weekend in Virginia Beach, I’d probably use ‘refreshing.’ Aside from the drive from hell long drive through DC traffic, it was super relaxing. The weather was beautiful, and it was fantastic to be with family. My cousin and his wife have a gorgeous house and pool near the water, along with two huskies who love anyone who is down to give a belly rub. It made me miss being around pups.

Wrigley & Grace

We arrived Friday night and took the time to catch up, as I hadn't seen my cousin Bobby in about 6 years. It was my first time meeting his wife, who is also a retired collegiate volleyball player, so we had plenty in common.

Saturday began with a late breakfast, and then a visit to the beach. In attempt to be low maintenance, I changed my scheduled 12 mile run to a shorter 6, which Andrew came along for. We wound through a forest trail that was padded with so many pine needles that I thought I was running on air. I’m not sure Andrew would say the same, but I have to applaud him for cranking out a solid 6 when his usual average is 2-3.

We left Sunday afternoon shortly after church and an indulgent Easter brunch, in efforts to beat traffic. However as we headed out of town, we both agreed it would be fun to take the longer route, back up the coast of Virginia/Maryland instead of through busy Richmond and D.C. It was an epic decision, as traffic was light, and the views were superb. Overall a successful, relaxing mini vacation in my book.

The mighty Atlantic

The vacations continue this weekend – to Boston! The countdown is on… one week from now I’ll officially be a Boston Marathoner... probably feeling really sore, and hopefully really happy. Stay tuned for the next post for my top 3 goals for Boston.


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