Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston Bound

It’s so incredible to me that Boston is in 2 days.  I can remember finishing Colorado last May, and everyone asking me if I thought I would run Boston, if I was excited that I qualified for it, etc. My response was always something along the lines of “I don’t know, it’s still so far away.”

And here we are.

Screen shot. Baltimore Half.

 I’ve been thinking through what I've want to write in this post for the past month or so. Honestly, up until a few hours ago, I was psyched to share my three goals with you guys, as I felt confident that I would be able to meet at least one.

Then, around 10 AM this morning, I received an email from the Boston Athletics Association saying the following:

“Marathon Monday in New England can offer a variety of weather conditions, and from what we can see, this Monday will be no different. The forecast for April 16th is calling for higher than normal temperatures on the course.  If a cold front does not come through the region by mid afternoon, temperatures are predicted to reach into the low 80's.  Combine these temps with a south west wind, you may be running in a moderate level of heat and in dryer than normal conditions.”

The email continues on to inform me about different forms of heat illnesses, so that I can be prepared. Essentially, the only thing I got out of that email is that I should be prepared to run a lot slower pace than I was hoping to.

It’s one of the many gambles of running I suppose. You sign up for races 6 to 9 months out, and have no idea what conditions to expect on race day. And even as I now begin mentally preparing myself for a potentially hot and deflating race, I know I’ll be more than a little upset if things go much differently than planned. After all, when you spend almost every day of every week for FOUR months training for ONE day, it’s hard not to get a bit distraught.

This makes me laugh.

 However, I will continue to cling to the rationale that weather changes quickly, and I have no control over the situation. That being said, I’m still going to put my hopes out here on ‘paper’ for you all, as these are what I've had in mind the past 4 months as I've been training. And although they now seem more difficult to reach, they’re still there.

1.       PR: My one and only marathon clocked me in at 3:31:34… I really want to come in under 3:30.
2.       I would love to hold an average of a sub-8 min. mile pace.
3.       Qualifiy for the New York Marathon this fall. (sub 3:23)

#3 would be doable for me… if everything falls into place. Basically I would need the perfect storm for this to happen. Take that however you want to.

Lastly, I have to add this thought. I said it last night at my small group, and I’m going to say it again now. My #4 goal… and THE most important one, is that I don’t make this race about me. Because it’s not. It’s the 116th Boston Marathon; a beautiful tradition that many would kill to experience. And I’m blessed enough to be able to run it. I’m blessed to even be able to run at all. So goal #4 is that I don’t make this race about me. That I make it about Him, the tradition, and everyone who ever has, ever will, or ever wished they could run in it as well. 

I’m also hopeful for an awesome weekend with both my friends and family. It’s going to be the first time in the city of Boston for all of us, and I plan to soak it all in the best that I can; from the food, to the historical sites, to the Red Sox game on Sunday! The race itself is Monday morning… my wave starts at 10:20. I’ll be wearing a neon purple Nike tank, if you feel like watching out for me. Prayers are welcome.

Expect a lengthy race recap early next week! Cheers!


  1. Kait! You. Are. A. Baller. I'll be prayin for u on Monday. Love the poop out of u!

  2. Good luck! I'm so excited for you. I know that it will be a great day. Running is something that will define the rest of your life, and Monday will be one really big awesome stop on this awesome and ever-changing road. Enjoy. :)

  3. I have faith that you will overcome these uncontrollable obstacles because you have a strong spirit and mind and of course a strong foundation of faith. Cannot wait to hear about oyur results. Seeing your goals and reading abou them is getting me extra amped up for all of our lives in general. major steps are being made!
    love you!!


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