Thursday, April 19, 2012

Post Race Blues

It's funny really. I have been warned multiple times and I've read all of the articles about it. I have even heard stories from other runners. Marathons trash your immune system. Wear it down to just about nothing, making you extremely vulnerable to illness the week or so following your race. 

Had to share this one, love the water dripping off.

I guess that would explain the simultaneous development of pink eye and the flu.

Eating like crap the past two days didn't help I'm sure, as my lunch on Tuesday literally consisted of frozen yogurt and a soft cinnamon-sugar pretzel. Yea, that's right... take the term 'indulge' to a whole different level.

Praise the Lord for a job that lets me work from home. So, after a night in front of the toilet, my day today consisted of laying in bed, Gatorade in hand, and laptop on lap. For how crappy I felt, I was still an impressively productive worker.

Today marks day 3 of re-cooperating. Coming down with the flu has really thrown me for a loop, because I felt like I got hit by a bus for most of the day. Yet as I finish off a piece of dry toast and start pumping the fluids back in a bit more aggressively, I can feel my body thanking me. I'm confident that tomorrow, day 4, will provide massive improvement in the soreness/tiredness. Day 4 will also be the last of my rest days.

Because of course, I already miss running. I already long for something new to train for; a new challenge in short. I don’t like not having long runs scheduled on weekends, or races to countdown to.  That's why it was a delightful surprise yesterday when Andrew agreed that we should enter the New York Marathon lottery.

That's right, he said we.

While the chances of actually getting randomly selected for the race are slim (about 10%) it's still something to look forward to. The drawing is this coming Monday, so I'll give you the update then. It's a November race. If we don't get in, I'm still debating if I want to pursue another full in the fall, or stick to halfs for awhile. Stay tuned.

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