Saturday, March 31, 2012

The 21 I wasn't looking forward to

See what I did there, with the title? Typically everyone looks forward to 21... however the 21 miles that I ran this cool Saturday morning was about as far away from a 21st birthday celebration as you can get. I can proudly say though, that today marked the second longest distance that I've ever ran.

Check it out.

However, I'm done. I'm officially in taper mode! Mileage now begins decreasing rapidly, as this coming Monday is the TWO WEEK MARK for Boston! Woohoo! I'll probably move a lot more to the non-impact cardio; elliptical, bike, and maybe even swimming. Lots of core and light lifting, in attempt to not put on any extra lbs before the race.

My post-run snack
As for the job update, I'll keep that short. Week one couldn't have gone better. It's funny because I'm remembering back to the two interviews that I had, and the #1 thing everyone raved about during them was about how great the people in the company are. They were telling nothing but the truth, as everyone has been SO NICE.

Hours are actually really flexible, we get free breakfasts every morning, and I got to order any office supplies that I wanted for my desk! (pink paperclips anyone?) Also, the owner of my company is also the owner of the Baltimore Ravens... I've been told it's mandated that I now become a fan. Won't complain about that. I still have a lot of training and learning to go, but I'm really excited about everything, and currently do not dread going to work.

So there's the brief update. This evening will consist of some grilling, and a lot of sitting. OH and I have to share this picture before I go, because she's honestly one of the cutest 1 week olds I've ever seen.

My good friend Sam's beautiful daughter

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