Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 4...

Ah, the dreaded week 4. Why is it dreaded, you ask? No reason really...  I suppose as I continue to approach the 1 month mark of living out here, I put more and more pressure on myself with this job search. It's about as far from fun as things get.

The update as of today? I have a temporary receptionist position, for one week, starting this Friday. The office I'll be in is by no means close, but hey, it's something. Something that will at the very least, help me to pay my April rent.

Andrew and I had the pleasure of having dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's beautiful apartment this past weekend, who also live in the DMV area. (DC Maryland Virginia - just learned that this weekend!) They cooked us an amazing dinner, and the night was full of stories, laughs and wine. It was definitely great to be around family.

Andrew has stage fright from my blog so I cropped him.

This weekend was also the big 1-8 for me; the longest I've run since the Colorado Marathon last May. It went well, I held a fairly steady pace, and the foot didn't give me too much trouble. My water stop consisted of running into a nearby McDonald's on the route... probably the first time they had someone just buy a bottle of water. I can't believe how quickly Boston is coming up - we're approaching the 1 month mark! Couldn't be more pumped. This also means that it's that time again; time for some new shoes. THE race shoes. And unfortunately, I took the liberty of making my running shoes (the only shoes I have ran in thus far) the top of the line Asics model- the Nimbus. Which are far from cheap, but wonderful shoes.

Just gonna have to chalk those ones up on the ole' credit card, and hold my breathe that I have a job by the time that bill comes around. Seriously though, I feel I've done a decent job of being thrifty during this period of no income. Aside from having an amazing man who pays for almost everything we do out here, I'm super careful now when at the grocery store, etc. Another example of my thriftiness: Recently I spilled a smoothie all over my car mat. It smelled really weird and looked gross. However, instead of paying for an expensive car wash, I let the mat sit out in the rain all weekend, and .. voila! Good as new. Just the fact that the mat didn't get stolen was enough to make me happy.

Anyways, I'll leave you with a picture of my breakfast this morning. Hey thanks Chocolate-Covered Katie!

Believe it or not, this is 100% healthy.

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