Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Working Woman

Hello friends!

Once again it's been awhile, however this time I have an excuse! Monday marked the start of my new job, therefore so far this week has been a whirlwind. Anyone who has started at a new company knows how it can be fairly stressful, and a lot to take in at first. It has been no different in my case. I have a lot to learn, yet am lucky to be in a department with some really great people. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and helpful.

As part of the "getting to know you" phase, a few different people in my department are scheduled to take me out to lunch every day this week. It's fantastic because I get to know people on a lot more personal level. The only downfall; eating out every day this week. Therefore I've been making an effort to make my dinners EXTRA healthy. Tonight I randomly made a sweet potato, pineapple, shrimp wrap with salsa on top. Random? Very. Delicious? You better believe it.

This past weekend two of my most beloved Colorado friends, Les and Kar, were in D.C. for a family reunion, and so Andrew and I made the voyage down to hang out with them on Friday evening. It was super refreshing to see some familiar faces, and to just catch up. It was a also a gorgeous evening in D.C. (upper 70's) and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.
Kar, me and Les  <3

Although I clearly did not take this picture, it looked very similar.
What's on my plate for this weekend, you ask? Probably some oatmeal, a few smoothies and some pasta. A 21 mile run, and a lot of general catching-up. With Easter one week away, and Boston in two weeks, I have a lot of planning/organizing to get done, now that 40 hours of my week are now blocked out of my schedule, every week (And that wasn't a complaint, I literally wrote that with a smile).

Catch ya on the flip side.

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