Friday, March 2, 2012


I wish I could sit here and rant about how glad I am that it's the weekend. Complain about a rough week at work, and treat myself to a glass of wine... or 3. Odds are I'll still do that.

Still waiting to hear back... I was told I'll know by the end of next week. In the meantime, my newest lead is an Athletic Department job that I'm fully qualified for... just need that in. Working on that part. All I know is I'm getting really REEEEAAAALLL sick of this. My interview yesterday with another random company went fairly well.. until the last man who interviewed me essentially started mocking me, making offhand comments about how 'just because I have a Masters Degree doesn't mean I can get any job I want.' The interview was for a receptionist position, so I'm unsure where the hostility came from. All I know is the drive home left me a combination of angry and really hurt, and required me to stop at Walgreens and buy this:

Yea, it was that bad.

Anyways, so that I don't sit here and start crying, let's talk about something else. Let's talk about how tomorrow, I have to run 18 miles. Yum. I recently discovered there is a local running group in the area, and am thinking about joining. Not sure if tomorrow is the day, as I'm weary as to how my foot is going to hold up. I do plan on doing one of their Saturday bagel runs sometime in the near future.

Today consisted of 8 miles at pace (or what I would like race pace to be). I overdid it, of course. When I will learn to hold a pace, God only knows.

I also had a bomb smoothie today. It had a sweet potato in it! Sounds strange, but I LOVED it. Check out the recipe here.

what a beautiful color.

Lastly, did you hear Taylor Swift and Tebow went on a date!!!? I would like to give HUGE props to Karlie and I for calling that in ehhhh say, this past November. See below:

November 28, 2011

@RunKaitrun: @Posieglitter & I just made the executive decision that @taylorswift13 & @TimTebow should wed. And make beautiful humble sparkly children

Taken straight from Twitter.

And with that, have a fantastic weekend.


  1. Goddamnti had a full comment in there and bradley mail vs gmail decided to fight and lks;d;ksjdf. first of all i hope u get those leads together and land something soon. that guy sounds like a jerk tho. maybe he was just jealous because he doesnt have a masters degree.......and on the side note of ur fast break- i ate pretty clean for 2 weeks (so i could look hot at the arnold) and rewarded myself w Coldstones HOT STONE product! igot the churro one with caramel and cake batter ice cream but im gona have to give the chocolate chip cookie one a shot b/c i think thatd be the contender. def shoulda tried that one first!!! as for your smoothie--def gona try it and i cant wait til sweet potatoes are regularly in my diet!! ah well hopefully he includes it...with cinnamon...mmmmmmm.
    have fun with your 18 miles tomorrow! at the mvc conf the other weekend, girls were running 5ks in legit 15 minutes. it was dis.gus.ting. and a bradley freshman did it in 17 something. bless their hearts, and yours for being a marathon fiend


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