Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trying it out - WIAW

For awhile now my pretend publicist and longtime friend Danielle, has been pestering me to throw together a What I Ate Wednesday post for you all. It's a popular Wednesday topic on the Healthy Blogosphere, and while I don't fully consider myself a Healthy Living Blogger, well, I try sometimes.

So I woke up this morning and said heck, I'll give it a shot.
You want to see what I ate today? Here we go.

Every morning starts with these little guys. And while they aren't food, I personally find them important. Calcium, vitamin C and Biotin (for beautiful, luscious hair).

Next up is my favorite breakfast that I discovered while trying the 21 day sugar detox - Plantain Pancakes. I prepare them almost every night before bed by blending two eggs, a plantain and cinnamon, and then frying those bad boys up in coconut oil.

Smother with almond butter and enjoy.

And of course, this is always a staple. Black coffee.

Here's where things get tricky. When my day got crazy and I started running around from work to errands to meetings to home to working out (that was my day in a nutshell) I stopped taking pictures. Hunger overtook my brain, and I stuffed my face before I could snap a beautiful shot of my lunch. So for the rest of the day, you get a list:

-Mid-morning snack: almonds and a banana
-Lunch: one of those Naked Vegetable Smoothies (it was a tomato blend and I didn't love it) and are you ready for this? - a cold acorn squash stuffed with tuna salad.


I know, it sounds gross, but I actually LOVED it. The tuna salad was simply a packet of tuna mixed with mustard, hot sauce, and chopped up carrots. I'm pretty sure most people would think this is the grossest combo in the world but I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm not sorry.

-Mid-afternoon snack: chocolate animal crackers, an apple, and peppermint tea.
-Dinner: A sweet potato with an egg and a side of veggies.

As you can see, I try to stay fairly paleo, but don't kill myself over it. I would call this a fairly normal day of food for me, outside of the of the odd squash/tuna combo. Not the most exciting blog post, but hey maybe next time I try a WIAW I can slow myself down and take some more pics?

I also wrapped up the end of the October Challenges (cannot believe that November is on Friday) that I committed myself to - today I achieved this:

250 squats - never thought I could do it. It definitely gave me more of a respect for air squats, if nothing else. And a little more toneage in the arm department, thank you pushups.

I have a slight feeling I'm being chased by one of those fall colds that seems to nail everyone at some point, and am going to take a shot of airbourne and head to bed. Let me know thoughts on my first WIAW, if you think I'm off my rocker, or if you never want to see one again.

Hope Wednesday was fabulous, cheers my friends!



  1. i need to make more pancakes at night so i can eat them in the morning! yum.

  2. What brand of biotin do you use?

    And I'm currently doing a squat challenge and I am up to 100. 250 seems so far away.

    Good for you girl!


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