Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Songs That Make Me Angry

Partners in crime for life.
Hello out there! I’m Danielle, Kait’s longtime friend and her part-time blog publicist. I’m not sure what that means exactly since she definitely doesn’t pay me (get on that, Kait) and I really don’t do much except encourage her to keep writing. Kait and I have known each other since we were 5 years old when I moved across the street from her family. For you math wizards out there, that tells you that we’ve been friends for over 20 years. Through ups, downs, and everywhere in between, our friendship has been a constant in my life and I’m honored she asked me to write this guest post!
Yep, we were cute. And slightly dorky.
I was actually going to do a heartfelt post on my keys to happiness, but then my dear friend Kristen sent me this article and the wind kind of went out of my sails, so to speak.

Hey, Kris! She always looks like this.
I was going to just go with it and let myself feel stupid and cliché, but then something happened. I was sitting at work, absentmindedly going through my To Do list, when the local radio station launched into a different song. The opening bars to Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors” started their obnoxious opening. I immediately turned the volume down on my speakers to spare myself the instantaneous headache and irrational anger I feel whenever I hear that song.
This started me into thinking about what songs I genuinely cannot stand. Like those songs that come on and you instantly curl your fists in rage and practically break your hand changing the station as quickly as possible. I don’t know what it is or if there is a common denominator between all of these obnoxious things, but for whatever the reason, there are certain songs that just make me want to slap the artist. I thought I would list some of my least favorite songs that send me into an unquestionable rage. P.S., no, I don’t have an anger management issue. I swear.
Justin Timberlake- “Suit and Tie”. I must just have an issue with JT songs. Believe me, I really do recognize his extreme talent, but I can’t stand most of his music past his days with *NSYNC. I was a BSB fan, anyway. #Notsorry
The Wanted- “Glad You Came”. Is there anything worse than this song? I instantly think about 27 different cats scratching their claws down a dry chalkboard the second this song comes on. Truly, that is how awful I think this song is. Please, go back to England with your wretched music (is that where they’re from? I don’t care enough to learn).

Luke Bryan- “That’s My Kind of Night”. To be clear, I really do love Luke Bryan but I feel like he made an extremely poor choice with this song. All the “dinner, winner” rhyming really grinds my gears. You’re better than this, Luke. 
Shakira- “Whenever, Wherever”. I don’t care how much she shakes her curves, this is one of the worst pieces of music I’ve ever heard, hands down. It’s hard for me to even think about this song without getting aggravated.
Pink & Nate Ruess: “Just Give Me a Reason”. I actually liked this one a lot when it initially came out. Then I realized that the radio stations were going to play it every 5 minutes for the entire summer, and it has now been added to my “never, ever, EVER. play” list.
Kelly Clarkson- “Catch My Breath”. Seriously, Kelly?! You are super talented, you won American Idol when it was still worth winning, and you actually have a good voice. Please don’t ever sing this song again. Let’s add “Don’t You Want to Stay”, her duet with Jason Aldean, to this list as well.
Taylor Swift- “We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together”. Ugh, do I even need to go into this? TERRIBLE!

A shameless pic of my dog to help ease your anger when these songs inevitably get stuck in your head now.
These are just a few of the songs that annoy the pants off of me (literally.). Of course, there are more than enough great songs out there to make up for these monstrosities, but that is not the point of this little guest post. I feel a lot better now that I’ve gotten this off my chest. :) 
What songs send you into a tailspin of anger, rage, and annoyance?
Cheers to the bad songs that make us appreciate the good!


  1. i know kait is a twift fan, but i just cannot handle that song either

  2. yeah i think kait might hate me for some of my choices, but i can't apologize, especially for that one in particular :)

  3. Is there any song worse than Roar by the not so talented Katy Perry? I can't stand that song. Not to mention I like many others feel it was stolen from Sara Bareilles (a good artist) Brave.


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