Thursday, October 10, 2013

something that never happens

Sometimes I forgot how hungry running makes me. And then I run 20 miles on a Tuesday night, and find myself eating everything in sight come Wednesday.

No joke, if I would have participated in What I Ate Wednesday (should I? thoughts?) you would all most likely be appalled yet hopefully impressed.

I have something to show you guys:

I reset my watch after the first 10 mile loop for sanity reasons.
Comes out to a 7:59 pace.

This was surprising to me. Not necessarily the pace, I knew I had that pace in me, but the consistency. I’m still not the best at holding a pace, and holding a pace for 20 miles in row… that’s just mind-blowing to me.

I definitely can't say that I felt great. I felt good the first half, decent the next 5 miles, and defeated the last 5. When my watch hit 20 miles I’m not sure I had one more mile left in me.

I definitely have a stress fracture in my right foot. It’s not as bad as the one in my left foot that I had back in January, but it’s there, and I certainly felt it at times. Yet my concern at this point isn’t necessarily the stress fracture – I’ll ice the crap out of that bad boy and continue to stay away from high heels, etc. My concern is the way that I'm subconsciously compensating because of the stress fracture.

Let’s just say that my right hamstring is far from happy with me. Time to invest in a compression wrap. Any suggestions? In the meantime, I shall wear these guys to work:

I have 2.5 weeks to hold a low mileage and pamper the sh*t out of my body, excuse my French. I’m talking stretching/foam rolling/icing/compressing/lay by the pool on the cruise ship to the max. 

this pool may just be the key to my healing.
The plan is to do that, toe the start line in DC on 10/27, and hope we can make it all 26.2.

Anyways, there’s your run-date. Outside of running, my plank/squat/push-up challenges have been going well, and I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this on pinterest last night….

Let's be honest, no one looks sexy doing a plank...
One last thing. Starbucks is doing something pretty cool through tomorrow, and I wanted to share:

It's amazing what a free cup of coffee can do to lift someone's spirits. You never know what the person behind you in line may have going on in their life - it could be something as large as being part of the Government furlough, or as small as their fantasy team having a bad week. Regardless, spread the good, come together, love each other.

Cheers, and Go Bears!



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