Monday, October 28, 2013


Happy Monday!!

I got my butt out of bed a little early this morning so that I can do a quick check in with my favorite blog readers.

On Friday I had told myself I could do whatever I wanted this weekend. There would be no alarms, no planned workouts, no set expectations.

The dramatic side of me wanted to throw a pity party yesterday morning and not get out of bed, at all. The temperatures have finally starting falling down into the 30's here in good ole' B-more at night, and therefore 3-4 layers of blankets are now necessary to thoroughly burrow like a mole rat in my bed at night.

I spy Karl, my bear from Andrew....
Anywho, I woke up on Sunday morning and thought, "You are suppose to be running a marathon right now," had a short pout fest, and then went back to sleep. While nothing quite beats the feel of achieving 26.2, a nice Sunday snooze was still a treat, and helped me to sleep away some of my blues.

All in all, it was a fairly low key weekend. My roommate Megan and I carved pumpkins on Saturday evening, and while my body may currently hate me, I still carved my runner girl pumpkin with much pride.

Mega's crab pumpkin is a bit more impressive, I know. That girl has so much Maryland pride, some even may be beginning to rub off on me. GASP

That's really all I have it. It was an unplanned, low-key weekend. I got boring things done like finally taking my sweaters out of their boxes and hanging them in the closet. I'm actually a little excited to pull one on today.

I'm also excited for one or two of these

Heading into Monday with fire people. I painted my nails gold last night, so I'm feeling a little frisky. Like Katniss from Hunger Games or something.

Let's make it great.

Congrats to all the runners this weekend, MCM finishers, etc. Gotta support my peeps!

Cheers -



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