Monday, October 7, 2013

a 70 lb surprise

I took a cool picture about an hour ago:

taken with my iPhone and nothing else, I promise.
I'll tell you what, I've seen a lot of beautiful Colorado sunsets over the Rocky Mountains... but Baltimore sure has pulled some pretty stunning light shows of its own during my time out here so far. Definitely giving CO a run for its money.

To make my evening even better, I came home to a surprise. Two 35 lb surprise boxes....

 Inside of them were these four little gems:

A set of kettlebells - 10, 15, 20 & 25 lbs. From Andrew.

Confirmation that I found the love of my life - he doesn't send me candy, he sends me weights. We recently had a discussion about additions I have been scouting for my measly home gym, and he took it upon himself to surprise me with a little bit of help.

Miss that man.

I coincidentally wore my 'We Run Chicago' shirt today, and then I realized that the Chicago Marathon is this upcoming weekend... so here's a little shout out to all of you Chi-town runners who are feeling the jitters this week. You're gonna kill it.
love this shirt from my sis
Speaking of marathons, I saw this today:

15 miles went well for me on Saturday. My plan is to push 20 tomorrow, and taper like a mad woman. Fingers crossed things stay on track.

Cool Kait, be a litte more vague in regards to running.

Ok, I can do that...  I'm going to run until I can't. How's that sound?

Hmmmm let's see... what else? I tried a new Larabar flavor this weekend and loved it. If you're a Lara looney like moi (that's french for me, I had to google how to spell it) I recommend Key Lime Pie.

That's all folks. I'm winding down tonight feeling especially thankful for this evening, that sunset, and a lot of people who love me.

Cheers to that my friends -



  1. Good luck getting ready for MCM! I live in DC so I'll be out there spectating!

  2. i am really jealous of your kettle bells. Andrew did well.

  3. Helloo! I apologize for the random comment but I found your blog on some other blog that I found from some other blog… (hah) but I stopped because I felt like I was reading the story of my alter-universe self. I’m from Baltimore but I just moved to Chicago after I graduted. ;) Also training for my second marathon after swearing I’d never do it again! Hah.

    Plus, anyone who knows me would not feel at all weird sending me weights because I’m also that type of person. So there’s that! lol


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