Friday, February 7, 2014


I realized this morning while driving to work that I'm biased to other commuters, depending on what kind of car they're driving.

My BFF shannon, getting a bath
Oh, you're driving a Honda just like me? OK, you must be cool then, go ahead and pass me

A Civic eh?? Excellent choice, if I do say so myself. Go right ahead and cut me off, I'm sure you have somewhere important to be.

Pretty much any other brand of car maker? Zero grace. You're getting the horn at the first wrong move.
Kidding... kind of  :)

Anyways, I don't have much to share outside of linking up for #Backthatazzup Friday. Here's my new favorite that I've been listening to non-stop the past two weeks.

All The Way (Laidback Luke Remix) [Radio Edit] by Timeflies on Grooveshark

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Happy Friday, enjoy it my friends!

Cheers -



  1. That has been one of my all time favorites lately Kate! I love that song!!!

  2. I do that too and had two honda civics before went car-less #carsoulmates haha

  3. How would you feel about my Ford Focus? I think I piss people off when I cut the line, but I just learned the system better than they did. #notcheatingnottrying

  4. Would you get mad at me even though I don't have a honda? My mom has a civic if that counts

  5. I like the "eh" you slipped in there!

  6. I love your blog


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