Thursday, February 6, 2014

#26 // #2

Welp, I’m 26. These days it’s always funny when I turn a year older, because through the months of February – May, Andrew proceeds to call me a cougar and brag about dating an older woman. Even if I am just four (ish) months older.

Birthday in pictures? Here we go.

New running gloves, courtesy of the sister. Turns out that when you eat shit fall on concrete, your Nike running gloves will indeed rip to shreds. It was time for a new pair, and she picked out the perfect pattern of course.

However, her card may have been even better.

Birthday Breakfast:

Paleo pumpkin walnut mug muffins – drizzled with a little bit of coconut oil/cocoa on top. Plus the free Starbucks b-day drink, of course.

Hey thanks ESPN. However, the Broncos already got their ass kicked 3 days prior, so unfortunately that wish didn’t really come true.

However my desk was decorated beautifully and I was showered with some pretty awesome/delicious gifts. When 2 pm tea time rolled around I tried the box of green tea that my coworker gave me – this is hands down my new favorite.

Andrew and I implemented a no phone rule over dinner which meant I couldn't snap any pics of our excellent meal of wine and flatbread pizza’s at Bluehill Tavern in Brewer’s Hill. The ambiance was awesome, my crab pizza was different and delicious, and it was an excellent was to wrap up my first day as a 26 year old.

That and the REI giftcard he got me in preparation for our spree at the REI garage sale this Saturday. Major score.

In other news, today marks this little blog’s two year blogiversary! To all you loyal readers – thanks for following along on the journey! To celebrate, I’m putting on a (little) giveaway. I’ve been a fan of Larabars for years now, and I may have finally settled on my favorite flavor –

Comment below and tell me if you’ve ever had a Larabar, what your favorite flavor is, or what your go-to snack is. Winner gets a box of this deliciousness shipped to them – I will randomly select a winner on Sunday night, February 9th.

Winter Olympics officially start tomorrow. Can’t wait.

Cheers – 


  1. Happy Birthday! Those gloves are amazing and so is that card. I'm drooling over those muffins. You seem like a very lucky birthday girl. Happy blogiversary too! Enjoy your day!!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  2. always love anything with peanut butter. also your new gloves remind me i need new ones too!

  3. I love that card! My friend gave me a birthday card that was (I think) made by the same brand or company whatever... but it was all about tea. Very informative and very sarcastic. ;)

  4. That card is ridiculous and perfect. I love the personal touches and notes. Enjoy the next 4 months as a cougar, you've earned it!

  5. glad you had a great day!! love the no-phone rule and that card! my faveee larabar is chocolate chip cookie dough :)

  6. Happy birthday again-I LOVE that card so funny and unique! I LOVE larabars...favorite flavor is a tough one...I'm going to say chocolate chip cookie dough or cherry pie. Yum!

  7. Always looking for decent GF snacks to feed my hungry husband! I'd love to win your giveaway, but either way, you've given me a new product to seek out! We instill no-phone-night, too... have to step away from the screen and enjoy the company of the ones you're with!


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