Monday, February 17, 2014


Happy President’s Day! If you’re lucky (unlike myself) you’re still at home in bed, enjoying a warm cup of coffee. However I really can't complain, after two straight snow days (working from home in my PJ's) this past Thursday and Friday, I am ready to get back into the office.

This morning I’m linking up with #bestfoot forward 2014, and giving you a quick summary of what my past week of workouts looked like:

-Monday: Crossfit, 40 mins of spin, Fabruary
-Tuesday: Elliptical/row, weights, Fabrurary
-Wednesday: 60 mins spin, Fabruary 
(was supposed to go to the gym to run, forgot shoes at home. fail.)
-Thursday: Snowed in - 65 mins spin, Fabruary
-Friday: 60 min run around the park, weighted abs, Fabruary
-Saturday: SKI!!!
-Sunday: Spin 25 mins, Run 25 mins, Spin 25 mins, Faburary

Does skiing count as a workout? I want to know thoughts on this. We went up to Wisp near Deepcreek, MD, and the conditions were excellent. Like most mountains, they’ve gotten dumped on this winter, and it snowed the entire day we were there.

cold but happy, I swear.
I also decided this weekend that it's time to buy my own skis. Any advice on best time/places to find great ski discounts, please share!

In case you didn’t hear, this weekend is Restaurant Week in Baltimore. We are trying out Mezze in Fells Point tonight with some friends – it's Mediterranean food, and I’ve heard great things.

Enjoy your Monday, whether you have it off or not. Cheers to a great week –



  1. Saturday Ski sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I feel like the city is really quiet this weekend, because everyone was skiing. I was just here running haha I gotta embrace the winter sports

  2. I'm so jealous, I really want to go skiing! I think it counts as a workout. I LOVE Fells Point! Happy Monday!

  3. Skiing completely counts as a workout, way to go hard this week! I'm so happy you're embracing all the non-running workouts. I haven't run in 2014 and feel great about it. Strength and HIIT for the win!

  4. Check out for some awesome ski/outdoor sports discounts. Trust me... you are going to get addicted to the site.

  5. Gah I've never been skiing-looks like fun!

  6. Huh. I didn’t know that restaurant week was really a thing ANYWHERE and they evidently have it there AND here in Chicago. Weird.

  7. Skiing def counts as a workout!! Looks like you had fun :) and I didn't get yesterday off from work either.. Lame!!

    Happy Tuesday, girlie!!


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