Sunday, June 16, 2013

the (second) big move

At first I titled this post 'the big move' and then realized that title had already been used... when I first moved out to Maryland. If you're interested in rewinding to last February, here's that post.

Note to self: Always check the Oriole's/Raven's game schedule before choosing to drive through the city, versus taking the tunnel around the city...

sat in this for a joyful 30 mins...

That was lesson #2 of living in Baltimore. Lesson #1 was learned yesterday. What was that you ask? Rooftop life in Baltimore is da' bomb.

Last night was a beautiful evening to spend time on our new rooftop deck with friends and cold beverages. And that's exactly what happened.

Not going to lie, I am tired with a capital T. Between moving my life in a U-haul van, and romping around the city of Baltimore fairly late last night, this girl is wiped.

My new pad - with my OWN bathroom

Not only am I wiped, I'm also actually really sore. Let me tell you what - mattresses aren't light. Especially when you're lugging it around all by yourself. Moving is actually a great workout, and the warm temperatures made sure that I got my sweat on.

I'm not normally one to take my phone along with me on runs - I like to disconnect myself from time to time. However it's looking like I'm going to have to bring it along with me sometime soon so that I can snap some pics of one of my favorite new Maryland running spots - along the inner harbor. It's beautiful, and I am psyched to log many miles along the water.

Brunch was calling for us this morning, so of course we obeyed. It may have also entailed these...

I apologize for the shortness, it's been a whirlwind of a weekend and I honestly ready for bed. My sister gets into town late later this week, and it's looking like another extremely promising weekend. More on that later.

It's the foam roller and then bed for this girl. Hope everyone had a magical weekend - cheers!

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  1. i went to a concert on the harbor once, it was awesome! until the thunder storm started and our tickets were in the gas uncovered portion, but those are small details! Happy for you and your new place in the Salty Balty!!!!


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