Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrate Running

Happy National Running Day!

I didn't pack on too many miles today, as I ran 7 on trails yesterday, and hope to do the same tomorrow. I’m still sticking to the every other day plan until I feel more confident in my body. I did do some sprint work on the treadmill for a solid 15-20 minutes.

Speaking of my run yesterday, I stumbled upon these guys on the side of the beaten trail. I’m convinced they are strawberries, but my coworker says they aren’t. Until I come to a more conclusive decision, I enjoy making her nervous by telling her I’m going to eat them next time I see them. (I promise I really won’t Mom)

Speaking of berries, did you hear about that recall on the bags of frozen berries sold at Costco? Apparently they are causing outbreaks of Hepatitis A, so that’s no good… here’s the link to the full article if you’re a worried Costco-goer. Which I am, but my main worry stems from how I can collect as many food samples as possible without getting trampled.

Good thing I’ve been sticking to my fresh cherries this week! Yum…
See my special glass of water sitting there? Sparkling water, lemon, lime and a mint leaf. I received the highest honor last night when Andrew told me that it tastes good. This is coming from the guy who drinks so much Gatorade it possibly running through his veins…

Speaking of cherries, and water (gosh I’m good at linking it all together today) I’ve been adding about a tablespoon of tart cherry juice to my water every morning, as I’ve read it’s supposed to help with general inflammation… and is just all-around good for you. Remember my word of the year?? Hint, it rhymes with moactive

I’ve gotten about a million emails from the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon series letting me know that today only until midnight, for National Running Day, you can save $20 on any race you sign up for. Just a thought, if you’re considering adding to your race schedule. As for me, I’ve been eyeing some shorter distance races to sign up for within the coming summer months. I’m still waiting to sign up for anything, as I want to get moved and settled and get other life things taken care of first.

There are tons of other fun running –related deals/contests out there to celebrate today that I’ve seen being advertised on other blogs – I would just do a little internet surfing, and I’m sure you will stumble upon something cool.

How are you celebrating National Running Day? I’m trying to be extra thankful today for being able to run again. It’s a gift, and easy to forget how quickly it can be taken away.


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