Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainy Days & Sweaty WODS

Man, I seriously feel that rainy Fridays should be illegal. This weather is putting a bit of a damper on my mood.

Thanks tropical storm Andrea, or whatever it is that you are.

This morning was the first morning that I wasn’t able to get into my spin class because it was full. It caught me off-guard because I love my Friday morning spin class more than most things… and I retreated to the stairmaster & eliptail with my tail between my legs. To distract myself, I watched the show “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss” on my phone... have you ever watched it? I would be lying if I denied that about half the reason I enjoy watching it is because of the trainer on the show, Chris Powell…

there's some eye candy for ya

Did you celebrate National Donut Day? You bet your pretty face I did…


Even better was on Thursday, when my coworkers and I decided that we needed a means to have iced coffee that afternoon. So we wittingly poured a pot of warm coffee into a pitcher that morning and stuck it in the freezer… and had ourselves some excellent iced coffee later that afternoon. I even added a dash of chocolate milk to mine, and was in love.

2 PM never looked so lovely
In contrast, my oatmeal has really been letting me down this week. I had some horrible mixed berry overnight oats this morning that I literally had to gag my way through post-donut. I guess not much can compare to a blueberry cake donut…

I swung by the gym on my way home from work today (again) because I was itching to lift some weights. My cross fit master friend, Greg, sent me the below workout awhile ago, and I've been carrying the post-it around saying I need to do it. Welp, it was time to put my money where my mouth was... and the result was A LOT of sweat.

 8 mins, AMRAP...
-Hanging knee raises
-Lunges with 25 lb. plate above head

Start with sets of 5, increase by 5 every time a set is complete... 5, 10, 15, 20...

I got to 20 reps by the time the 8 minutes was done. It was a sweaty beautiful mess.

My fingers are crossed that the rain is done by tomorrow, and we can get into some trouble this weekend. I rented some paddle boards for the day tomorrow, as Andrew and I have been wanting to try that out for awhile in Annapolis. Any tips from the pros out there on paddle boarding?

That's all she wrote. Have a wonderful weekend, keep it classy.



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