Sunday, December 16, 2012

that blogger

This weekend was full of life, and I loved it. For so many different reasons.

First and foremost, this picture continues to crack me up:

Weekends like this stand out to me because we forced it to be epic. Andrew and I both had very little on the agenda, yet refused to let it go down in the books as one of those 'boring' weekends.

Efforts included but were not limited to:

Sipping on some wine called 'Truth' while watching The Dark Knight Returns for the first time. Loved it. The wine too.

Playing racquetball.  I suck am not the best and definitely inferior to Andrew at this particular sport, but he had fun humoring me and playing "let's try to get 10 hits in a row" type of games. Needless to say, my right arm is super sore today.

Two for one holiday lattes at the 'Bucks. Boom.

I poached my first egg! Great success!

New Belgium Snow Day while we both watched our favorite football teams. His (Denver) rocked while mine (Chicago) didn't fair so great. No comment.

AND last but certainly not least, we ran the 4 mile Rudolph Run Relay Race through a nearby park. With neither of us being in tip top shape, we decided a reasonable goal was a sub-30 minute finishing time.

We succeeded with flying colors, coming in around 28:40-something. We were one of the first co-ed relay teams to finish, and were both rocking our red and green race clothes for a little holiday cheer. I was super pumped to pull two consecutive sub-seven minute miles for my leg of the race (the second leg), as I haven't pushed a faster pace since pre-IT band issues. It felt great.

BUT, what felt even cooler was what happened after the race. While sipping on some hot chocolate and waiting for the  awards to be given, a man walk past me and said,

"Hey, are you that blogger?"

I was startled and confused, as I (thought) I didn't know anyone else at the race besides Andrew. The guy proceeded to introduce his daughter to me, who had recognized me from reading my blog! She complimented me, and I of course thanked her for reading.

It was heart-warming to me, mainly because I still consider myself to be kind of a loner out here in Maryland. I don't run into people I know simply because there just aren't a ton of people I know. I didn't grow up out here, my family doesn't live in the area, etc.

I was honored, and if she's reading, well, thanks for reading! Thanks to everyone reading actually!

How was your weekend? Any holiday cheer woven into your activities? Would love to hear about it.

Cheers to a very merry weekend.



    Also, I too am entering a state of depression due to Da beloved Bears sad, sad showing today. :(


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