Monday, September 17, 2012

Philly Half Recap

The week before big races, I normally get this intense wave of competiveness come over me. Not surprising as I've always been an athlete, and I've always loved competition. But as a runner, I've found it hard to harness and direct my competitiveness.

let's just say I have way more leg muscles than arm muscles
I find myself talking sh*t in my head to myself, about how I'm going to dominate the course, so on and so forth, and often feel stupid afterwards... as it is after all, a course... a route through paved streets... a thing, not a person. Does it make sense to be competitive with a thing?

So then I find myself getting all worked up over the other females I'll be racing against. Every woman that I saw at our hotel I assumed to be an enemy, and much faster than myself. But really, enemy isn't the right wording, and certainly isn't true. Because the other women I'm racing against are just as much my fellow comrades, running the same race that I am.

at the expo
I realized this when I crossed the finish line neck and neck with a girl who I had stayed with almost the entire 13.1... and she immediately turned around, shook my hand and congratulated me on a race well run.

And that it was:

for the record, that's also a 10k PR

My goal was to PR. I managed that by about 4 minutes. My in-the-moment race goal come mile 5 or 6 was to continue holding the absurd sub-7 minute pace that I've never managed to hold for more than a couple miles in a row.


I still don't know how I managed such a solid race, I'm serious. This is coming from the girl who can't hold a pace to save her life.

 Let's just say that the stars aligned.

The course was as flat as flat comes... flatter than my chest, excuse the term. The weather was the definition of perfect.

6 AM, race day. 55 degrees.
And of course, I have to give credit to my boy. Race morning for me is typically one of extreme nerves, and racing thoughts. But with Andrew cracking jokes almost the entire walk to the starting line, I didn't really have time to give the race much of a thought...

Me: "So what's your goal for the race?"
Andrew: "To win the first mile. And then find someone to draft off of for the next 12."

gotta love him.

In all seriousness, I have to give him mad props for killing his first ever half marathon, coming in at 1:52. For the low amount of miles that he trained, I was super impressed. And even more pumped that he enjoyed it.

However, I have a sneaking suspicion he may have enjoyed the decadent, authentic Philly Chessesteak that we had post-race even more. I may have too. It was pretty amazing.

no words.
All in all, Philadelphia treated us well. And I walked away from the race realizing that it isn't necessarily the race, or the people in the race who I am competing against... that really it's myself. Every day, no matter what form my workout takes, I'm competing against myself and pushing my own limits, with a strong healthy body that I am super blessed to have.

Anyone else race this weekend? Or even better... has anyone else ever had a REAL Philly Cheesesteak? Those things are mind blowing.

Hope your Monday treated you well, cheers!


  1. The night of my 21st birthday I had half of a "real" philly cheesesteak from a stand right by Shenanigans (just outside the Loop). The other half ended up in the trash at my Dad's. Let's just say the condo smelled less than stellar the next day..... What I remember, though, was goooooood


  2. I've got my first half coming up this Saturday and I'm psyched and freaked out haha. This post was uplifting and inspiring to read and actually helps me feel more confident about my slow-as-molasses-in-january pace, as long as I finish and I'm happy with myself, that's what matters!

  3. Congrats on the PR! That is an awesome time! Your hard work is paying off :)

  4. Congrats on such a great race & PR! We are so similar - that's my goal for Richmond :)

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  6. Just a note to tell you how your blog and your AHHHMAZING PR for this half inspire me to be a better runner. CONGRATS!!!

    1. thank you!! best of luck in all your running endeavors :)

  7. Congrats on the PR! The slower 1/2 of @TwinsRun ran much slower than you (1:57:07) but she did #TweetAndRun during the race! :-)

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