Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Foot

Disclaimer: If you are not a feet person, and images of perfectly normal feet gross you out then it’s recommended that you stop reading.

Did I ever tell you guys that my first love was soccer? I played from about the age of 5 up through my freshman year of high school.
Rocking the soccer uniforms
Due to my growth spurt in late elementary school, not only was I tall, but I had pretty big long feet. Still do actually. And somewhere along the course of my soccer career and growth spurt… I developed the nickname ‘Big Foot.’

I actually forgot about it until this past weekend, while running the race.

Do these socks/shoes make my feet look big? I mean, I am a size 10.5… but do they look extra big? Or am I just being weird?

Two guys approached me shortly after crossing the finishing line and started talking with me about the race, saying that they “Remembered me passing them around mile 10 with my crazy bright shoes.”

Side note – this was my first time ever wearing compression socks. I literally bought them last Wednesday, and pulled them on Sunday morning trusting that I was going to like them. I did. They rock. Officially a compression sock convert.

i realized this picture is not mine. just needed a visual for you guys. 
Anyways, back on topic. It’s not like I’m particularly self-conscious of my big feet anymore… it’s a part of me I’ve come to embrace, along with my hairier than normal arms. I actually realized while brainstorming for this post that I’m a pretty big fan of my feet; I’ve posted enough pictures of them on instagram to wallpaper my bedroom.

just to list off a few...

Weird random thought #2 – Does anyone else name their alarms on their iphones? I just did it last night, and had an immense amount of fun doing so.

find the typo
Weird random fact of the day – these flowers were on the counter in my gym’s locker room while I was getting ready for work this morning. And they made me so happy. Just a beautiful, fall bouquet.

The end. Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with their feet? Or their alarms?



  1. I'm a size 11 (12 in running shoes!). I love that I can buy beautiful, designer shows in my big size. I'm 5'10" and if I had small feet, I'd fall over! :)

    1. haha good point - i'm 5'11'' so i would def fall over too!

  2. typo = you're*... yay for big feet! I always thought my 9.5/10 were large and in charge, especially before I hit my growth spurt and was still 5'3 with them :)

  3. You goof, did you not read the comment I left earlier on your pic? My feet make yours look like those of an infant, and I'm not much taller than you at all! I just have big ole clown feet ;)



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