Friday, September 21, 2012

The Fall of Summer

Clever title huh? Thank you, thank you.

With the 'official' start of autumn - AKA Autumnal Equinox - being tomorrow, I've been doing a little bit of reflecting on the summer.

What's that Kait?! You've been doing other things outside of making pumpkin foods? Shocking, I know.

Saying goodbye to summer weather has not/is not going to be hard at all for me. Let me reemphasize - NOT HARD AT ALL. I can't tell you how pumped I am to go run and not sweat out every fluid in my body. Yet although the weather was stifling for most of the past few months, and I would have rather lived in a greenhouse than be outside that’s not to say I didn’t collect some awesome memories and firsts along the way.

Let’s discuss a few, shall we? Some of my summer ‘firsts’, in review:

- The first time training through an extremely hot, humid summer. Don't get me wrong, it got hot out in Colorado, but I would say the humidity has been a significant game changer. So much in fact, that I would compare training through East Coast humidity to training at altitude out in CO.

- I was a bridesmaid, for the first time ever. Actually I think I was a junior bridesmaid once, but this was my first time being a full blown, grown-up bridesmaid. Although I by no means acted grown- up:

wave your flip flops and run around barefoot at the reception. good call kait. 
-I ran my first 10 mile race; I had never ran that distance before Annapolis. I also ran my first sub 90 minute half marathon, as you all know if you have read within the past week. If you haven't shame on you. Kidding, kidding.

-I'm going to contribute part of that PR to having a running coach for the first time.. and therefore running track workouts/intervals for the first time. Ever. In my life.

really my shadow, i promise.

- I tried fresh crabs for the first time ever when my mom and sister were out to visit, attempting to embrace Maryland culture. I didn't love them, I didn't hate them. Whatever. Long hair.

my face while eating the crabs.
-I also tried an 'orange crush' for the first time... apparently these crush drinks are an East Coast thing, I had never heard of them before. Essentially just fresh squeezed oranges and vodka. I liked it more than I liked the crabs.

- Hmmm let's see.. I went to a PGA tournament for the first time ever. Saw Mr. Woods win the whole thing. Cool stuff.

-Lastly, and perhaps most importantly. I believe it is safe to say that I may be slowly conquering my phobia of dancing. I danced a lot within the month of August and September, and I slowly may be finding my groove again. Even if it sucks.

Sucky groove > No groove.

dancing at Bethany Beach with a great hat I found on the wall. 

dancing at the wedding with the sis. love the passion.
Things are certainly looking up. TTFN summer, it's been fun. But I've got a hot date with fall. And when I say hot, I mean cold.



  1. Such a fan summer! I love looking back on my summers and remembering all the fun I've had :) PS: when were in in Bethany? My good friend has a lake house up there!

  2. DANG...u've been having some amazing summer action over there! CONGRATS on all the PR's and running feats and i'm excited for u to officially get a coach. i know i've always run better with a coach because it's easier to let them focus on the thinking/planning of training and all u have to do is the running! the running part is hard enough, best not have to worry about anything else....hehe.
    keep up the great work and hope u're having a wonderful night!


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