Sunday, December 2, 2012


Happy December!

First order of business:

I have a new little sister!

This morning my mom and human sister, Bri, drove up to the Eaton County Humane Society in the tiny town of Olivet, Michigan to rescue our newest 6 month old family member, Jane.

Bri sis, Jane sis
My mom had been looking for a pup for the past month or two to rescue, and was in search of another Fox Terrier like our last gem of a mutt, Maddie. The minute Jane came up on the website my mom gave them a call, and here we are.

Mom & Jane first meet. If that face doesn't scream "I love you" I don't know what does. 
Word on the street is that Jane was found running the streets of Detroit. Hence her full name we gave her, Calamity Jane. What a badass.

I am now even more pumped to return home for Christmas and meet her!

In other news, it's December! The holidays are in full swing, temperatures continue to drop, decorations are going up everywhere...

the front of my house

my desk at work.
And I think I can maybe? say that my injured leg is on the upswing? I've cut down to one PT appointment per week, am still relying heavily on the foam roller, but managed to run for 30 minutes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday without any pain.

Andrew and I saw Silver Linings Playbook this past Saturday night, and we both loved it. In truth I'm not really a movie girl, but this one really left me happy. It's different, it's raw, and it will leave you walking away smiling. It also left me an even bigger Jennifer Lawrence fan, and proud that my coworkers occasionally call me Katniss at the office.  :)

December goals to come next, fingers crossed that my IT band continues to play nice.


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  1. I have been wanting to see that movie! Now it's pretty official that I have to!


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