Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Weird Wednesdays - Collectors Edition


This past weekend while in Chicago Andrew and I stayed at my hippy sister's apartment. Her and her roommate recently moved in, and to use the words of my good friend, the apartment simply looks more like a museum than a living space.

Aside from the large, dirty vase in their living room that contains live water frogs that they mail ordered from an online website, the apartment contains a variety of gems from a record player to treasure chest.

see the little frog at the bottom?

However, my favorite had to be this:

I was obsessed, and considered stealing it until my sister informed me that her roommate got it in Asia or something. I decided that would be mean to steal it.

I've never been one for collecting; the only thing I currently collect are race bibs, and those sure aren't racking up as of late...

only two races this fall. thanks a lot IT band.
Which got me to thinking. I want to collect giraffe things. I want a giraffe teapot, a cute giraffe key chain, those sorts of things. Nothing over the top, I just want giraffes to be my 'thing', or my go-to favorite animal I guess.

My first addition to the collection was one of my favorite stuffed animals that I brought back from home, Markus, whom I forgot about until this past weekend. He now sits happily on my desk at work and as my coworkers pass by they wonder why my desk is slowly turning into that of a child's nursery.

Long hair.

It makes sense right? Giraffes are tall, like me. I also think they are beautiful, like me. In our most recent race through the zoo a giraffe made direct eye contact with Andrew and I as we ran by; we had a very special moment with him/her.

Yep, it's official. I've made up my mind. Giraffes are my new favorite thing.

Ok, I'm off. I have other running related things to talk about but let's hold off 'til tomorrow, shall we? Just wanted to hit you all with a bit of mid-week weirdness.



  1. So no joke, my sister is OBSESSED with giraffes! She says they're her spirit animal.... anyway so while searching high and low for Christmas ideas, I've stumbled upon a few items you may want to add to your list:

    unrelated, but I WANT one & thought of you!


    1. ahhhh love them all! definitely want that coffee mug!!

  2. My new favorite thing is owls. Can't. Get. Enough. I told Brad that they just get me. It must be because we're both so wise.

  3. I just posted on another giraffe loving bloggers blog today that "I can't wait for giraffes to be miniaturized so I can have one as pet!" = wouldn't that be super cool???? Like head would be knee high - awesome! Little giraffe, maybe even a little elephant, or camel! That's my dream pet.


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