Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Tunes


Today’s half-day marked the last day of work for me until mid-day Monday, and I couldn’t be more pumped.

Today is also an epic day because I finally caved in and started listening to Christmas music. I gave my office a lecture last week about how that WAS NOT acceptable pre-Thanksgiving time and I would off judge anyone who I caught doing it.  However, this morning I woke up and just felt the holiday cheer in my bones, and decided to give in on my drive to work.

The first jam of the season? Mistletoe by JBeibs, obviously.

However, can I just make the quick argument that the Hanson Christmas Album is the best Christmas album that there is? Followed closely by Jessica Simpson's.

not debatable.

My favorite single would definitely have to be Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World. They definitely nailed it.

I’ve also recently been wearing my badass Columbia boots around my house in hopes that it will snow, while the temps out here have been staying pretty steady in the 50’s. They may not be put to as much use out here in Maryland compared to when I lived in Colorado, hence why I shall make an effort to wear them in inappropriate social settings that will make my boyfriend uncomfortable to be around me.

 Last night I did a short interval workout on the treadmill and felt decent. I wore my sweet shirt that I got from the Zoo Zoom which I’m obsessed with and may just wear for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. I also really need to find a new pair of shoes because my Asics Nimbuses (Nimbi?) now feel way to heavy after switching back into them from my Brookes Connects. I’ve been eyeing the Asics Blurs, has anyone out there ever ran in them?

best shirt ever.

Anyways, Andrew and I have an early 6:30 AM flight out of BWI tomorrow morning, bringing us into Chicago by 7:30 AM with the time change. I expect my sister to be waiting at our gate with a bloody mary in hand. Wait what? Seriously though, I’m super psyched for some solid family time, lots of turkey/cranberries/stuffing, and of course some outings with friends.

What are your  Thanksgiving plans? Better yet, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Cheers to the holidays!



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