Friday, November 16, 2012

The Small Things

Have you guys picked up on the fact that when I get sad/frustrated/depressed I usually tend to get really quiet? Like no blog posts kind of quiet? Yeah…..

After having a full-on mental breakdown last night at PT, I realized two things:

1. I may need to try something else. Although PT is definitely getting me stronger, and ART seems to be ‘helping’.. I’m still not ‘fixed.’ It’s been a month, and I’m getting incredibly impatient. Some runners have suggested forms of acupuncture, which I’ve begun considering, expenses aside.

Any other suggestions are welcome, please!

2. My IT band is a tough, crazy bitch. Like super thick, and super strong. In efforts to console me last night, Sean told me that because it’s such a ‘thick band of tissue’ it essentially takes awhile to get it to cooperate again. So thick in fact, that when removed from a human body and tested on its strength it held over 1500 lbs without snapping. 

That’s both disgusting and intriguing in my book.

I’m ‘running’ an 8k this Sunday with Andrew and some coworkers. It is a ‘zoo zoom’ through the Baltimore Zoo and would will be a lot of fun if I wasn't injured. I suppose the responsible thing to do is take it slow and walk if and when I feel pain. I’ll try my best to do so… (sigh)

I’ve also been forcing yoga on myself although I hate it and want to punch someone it isn’t my favorite thing to do. I even committed to buying a $5 yoga mat to encourage more consistent attendance. Look at me go.

In the meantime, I’ve been focusing on the small things. Because as much as I have made it and perceived it to be, turns out that running isn’t life. (insert shocked face here) There are just too many other awesome parts for me to continue moping and being a Debbie Downer.

Awesome parts such as...

Doughnut batter pancakes with espresso frosting. Enough said.

Chocolate from Italy that my sweet sweet friends sent me. I may or may not have had it for dinner one night.

Forts. Yes. #winning

The Holidays! I honestly cannot say what a mood changer the upcoming holidays have been for me. Thanksgiving is definitely one of my all-time favorite holidays, and the fact that Christmas/Hanukkah (insert your holiday here) is just around the corner is super uplifting to me. Shout out to Starbucks for reminding me that ‘tis the season this morning.

Remember my last post when I shared my beautiful picture from violin camp? Well my creative coworker took the novelty of “improving upon it” and then proceeding to send it around the office. So, since it’s Friday and you probably need a laugh…. Here you have it:

mini gangster Kait

Cheers to a healthy weekend!


  1. 40oz to freedom!? (and a magically healed knee)

  2. Starbucks is the best!! I'm really sorry about your IT band still acting up :( maybe concentrating on cross training more often when you run could help? Honestly my knees never felt better when I was training for the marathon and skipped my speedwork days for Zumba! This is probably a silly one, but maybe custom orthotics could help too? My shoulder still hurts me from time to time (idk if I told you I have a condition where all my joints are basically hyperflexible & move around WAY too easily.... knees, wrists, shoulders... it's gross). Anyway I just decided it's not going to really get better, I'll just have to find ways to work around it (my PT guy eventually "discharged me" bc he said he'd done all he can do). Keep it up and eventually it WILL get better! I promise!!!


  3. you are a cute mini g! and those pancakes-omg. sound so good!

  4. I did acupuncture and it helped a lot. I had glute issues and it was affecting my IT band. I hope you have a good walk/run on Sunday. Sometimes resting is the best medicine and the hardest thing to do.


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