Friday, December 28, 2012

Leg 1 wrap-up

Tomorrow marks the end of the Chicago leg of my trip; I jet out to Denver late tomorrow afternoon to spend New Years in the Colorado Rockies with my handsome boyfriend and co.

Super pumped.

So far I've spared you all the glorious details of my time at home, and I'm sure you've all been dying to know what I've been up to. It's riveting really.

Through Christmas we were pretty big bums. All of us.

My sister Bri was pretty miserable from getting her compacted wisdom teeth out, and was popping Advil like they were smarties. We had to go to Costco and get the industrial size for her.

open wide Bri! oh wait you can't.

We did some pre-Christmas shopping at Express so that my mom could buy us both new work pants. Yet surprise surprise, Express didn't have any longs in the store. Life of a tall girl. So I sat and sulked in the dressing room while my mom and Bri got to have all the fun.

Being home is always awesome because my mom keeps our fridge stocked with fresh fruit. My oatmeal has had a serious face lift since being back home.

I've been running. A pretty fabulous amount. I continue to feel stronger, and managed my first non-stop 60 minute run since September on Christmas morning.  My sister also got me this awesome shirt that I'm obsessed with, and will find a reason to wear to work.

Jane and I have become the closest of friends.

Even as I sit here and type this, she insists on trying to sit on my lap. She even follows me into the bathroom.

I would say we have gone on several walks together, but like me, Jane doesn't comprehend the word walk. She runs. She pulls almost the whole way on walks, to the point that she may have to go to doggy school if she doesn't chill out.

Jane dragging my mom along

But I love her that way.

Yesterday my mom and cousin, Jessica, ventured into the city to meet my sister for dinner when she got off work. All of the streets were still decked with lights, and it was a beautiful evening considering the time of year.

Jess & me

How have your holidays been? What are you New Years plans?

Cheers to 2013 coming in hot!


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