Monday, December 10, 2012

the aftermath

I apologize for the temporary hiatus, a nasty bit of something crawled into stomach this past Friday and had me hung up for a good 24 hours.

The worst part was that the upchucking ensued shortly after to attempting to eat a lunch at Chipotle, one of my favorite places EVER to eat out. I didn't feel right when leaving work for lunch, but attempted to write it off as heartburn and thought that perhaps a hefty burrito bowl was just what I needed.

It wasn't. 

In short, salsa coming back up is even more acidic than when it first goes down. Rough. Needless to say, my leftovers were quickly thrown away and traded in for chicken noodle soup.


By late Saturday morning I was eating again, and by the afternoon I felt almost back to normal. And in the aftermath of it all, I decided to make a quick list of advantages that come with having the stomach flu. Because it sucks so much, it took me a solid 10 minutes to come up with them all.

1. You get a chance to catch up on your favorite television shows. In my case, I watched a solid 5-6 episodes of Parks and Rec as well as the most recent Office.

2. You don't have to set any alarms. Going to bed on Friday night, I knew there was a zero percent chance that I was going to get up for yoga. My body need sleep, and that I would give it.

3. You quickly realize that your toilet needs to be cleaned when your head is spending so much time in it. I'm not sure if I would consider this an advantage on second thought.

4.  You wake up the next day extremely hungry. My stomach had been cleared out, and I was ready to eat. I quickly threw together a french toast scramble recipe that I found here, ecstatic to eat again.

5. Your stomach shrinks. This is both an advantage and disadvantage in my book. Coming from the girl who can eat like a full-grown man, a few smaller meals certainly isn't going to hurt me. Yet after whipping up the above scramble and only finishing half of it, I couldn't help but to be a bit disappointed.

The weekend as a whole ended well, I got a lot done on Sunday including a 45 minute run and a two minute plank!

Stay tuned this week, I have some exciting running-related news to share.

Cheers to a new week!


  1. EEK!!! Sorry you were sick, but I'm excited for the news!!!



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