Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jumping on Wagons

Welp, as my first Maryland snowstorm comes barreling into town, I've just been lounging in bed and figured I should write you people something before I get snowed in, lose power, and starve to death.

Dramatic much? Just trying to spice things up.

Seriously though, we've got quite the snow coming. 

Andrew and I had our final swing dancing class last night. It was awesome. We honestly had such a blast, learned SO much, and surprise surprise, became better dancers. We also got a little reward from the instructors for having perfect attendance and showing up to all 8 classes.

No I did not eat the entire bag of candy on the ride home.... 
We are committed to signing up for part II of the class which begins in April. Hopefully I don't forget everything by then. Is dancing like riding a bike?

In other news, my sister jumped back on the ole' working out band wagon today.

Gosh I love her.
Remember when she wrote that post about how different we are? Nonetheless, I'm super proud of her. And YOU, over there... if you've fallen off the wagon, it's time to get back on. Why? Because swimsuit season is lurking, and it's getting a lot closer than you think.

Speaking of getting back on wagons, I got back on this one tonight:

That's right. I clipped my Ipod to my headband and did some pool running like it was my job. The lifeguard watched me like I was teetering on the brink of insanity the entire time I was in the pool. I suppose she had a right to.

Alright, I'm fading. And running out of witty things to say. And ready for bed. Hope you are all surviving the week so far.

And remember... get back on that wagon! Whatever kind of wagon it may be! 

Unless of course it's a crappy broken down wagon with only one wheel. That'll get you nowhere.



  1. Oh my gosh, shuffle on the headband has to be the best idea ever! I love it!
    Still "bracing" for this snow storm here in NYC. There are little random flurries. I love when the storms get hyped up!

  2. Nice job! My wagon must be extra wobbly cuz I fall off ALL the time, but I can always run and catch it again to jump back on for the next portion of the ride! =)


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