Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A new friend

I have a new friend I want to introduce to you all:

It’s made by my favorite brand of Peanut Butter – Peanut Butter & Co. – who I believe I introduced you to this past summer. Anyways, a big scoop of that gooey goodness went into my oatmeal this morning, along with a handful of raspberries.

Are you jealous?

It snowed yesterday… a pretty good amount actually. But it was wet and didn’t really stick to the roads, and life went on as normal. It’s too late in the winter to acknowledge snow in my opinion. It was pretty and made me happy, but the sun made me even happier when it decided to come back out this morning.

 Sometimes I pretend to be a professional photographer.

Speaking of life proceeding normally, I’ve found that my little foot injury that I’m slowly beginning to come back from is playing games with my heart head. Yesterday after work I jumped on this guy:

Not the literal guy, but that empty treadmill...
I started off with some inclined power walking, and switched to running about 20 minutes in… for eight minutes. It’s hard to not focus on that tiny spot on my foot where that itty bitty stress fracture is/was, and freak out over any twinge or sensation that I felt.

I know that I really need to NOT do that, so the next round of jogging may have to be in front of the newest episode of Nashville to distract myself. Walking/running is going to be spent on the treadmill for about another week, as that surface has a lot more give than almost any surface outdoors.

It's way too late. I don't even know why I'm still up. I have an early morning date with the pool, and absolutely no witty way to end this post. 



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