Sunday, March 10, 2013

Home Home Home

Where do I even start?

I'm home, for one. Hence my lack of posts this weekend. That's o.k though.  It's been a whole lot of this:

wonderful time at home (and coffee)

my favorite pup

And of course, family. My mom and I went and got manicures on Friday, which was wonderful. She threatened my life afterwards and told me that if I chew off my manicure that she's disowning me as her child...

I actually love the french manicure, and it seems to have done the trick in chewing prevention. My awesome Aunt also hooked me up with this:

It's specifically for my cuticles and I love it. It smells great and I've been using it every morning and evening so far. Stay turned for my soon-to-be beautiful nails.

Technically I don't really have a gym membership while I'm home. Luckily, I have some pretty badass friends. My wonderful long-time friend since middle school, Greg, coaches/participates in Crossfit at a local box (crossfit gym) he's been a part of now for two years.

I knew he would offer to bring me along, and I knew part of me most of me didn't really want to, mostly due to intimidation. Yet Greg knows me pretty well and did a good job of encouraging me to come along to workout with him this morning.

Currently, I may not be able to lift my arms due to one heck of a workout. I also may have loved it. More on that tomorrow.

The rest of today consisted of rainy walks along Lake Michigan, me staring longingly at the many runners who passed by, and a warm treat when we got back home.

Bri, Jane, Mom

Hot chocolate with a scoop of ice cream? Yes please! 

And one very tired pup who just fell asleep with the ball in her mouth.

Short and sweet. Can't wait to share some more thoughts tomorrow. But for now, the last piece of deep dish Chicago-style pizza is calling my name from the fridge.  :)

AKA, the best pizza in the world.



  1. How adorable and sleepy is Jane! So cute!


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