Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I’ve been dreaming of summer lately.

Of sandy toes, and string bikinis. Sunburnt cheeks without a trace of makeup. Wavy salty hair, and a case of coronas. Maybe a lime, if we were thinking ahead.

We probably weren’t.
It's summertime, after all.

Flip flops, and a bright blue towel… the same color of the ocean. And the waves. The sound of the waves, the glare of the sun, the coolness of a faint breeze tickling the backs of our necks.

And friends. Because the beach isn’t the beach without friends. And a solid country song playing in the background while we joke, reminisce, and dream of the years to come.

Is it summer yet?


  1. you have me excited...but let's see if Oregon shares our excitement.

  2. I cannot WAIT for summer to roll around. We're finally starting to feel spring a little bit and it's making me REALLY itch for the summer months!


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