Friday, August 9, 2013

Sugar Reports

Well, it's lovely morning over here in Baltimore. It may be the first morning in a week that I haven't woken up to overcast/rainy weather. It's amazing what blue skies can do for you mood.

Last night I tried out 'Restoration Yoga' at Charm City Yoga after physical therapy. It involved a lot of laying, and opening up joints. I wouldn't really call it a workout, but more of a natural spa session for my body. I think I'll keep going - I have a one month LivingSocial deal there.

Anyways, yoga put me to bed early, and I woke up at 5:30 AM ready to kick some ass. I cranked out a quick circuit workout that I once again stole from Brooke in my newly organized home gym. OK OK, it doesn't quite warrant the label gym yet, but I'm working on it....

Next to purchase: a box for step ups/box jumps, and a kettle bell...
 I hopped in the shower and meandered down the street to a recently-discovered, charming Panera. It has the super cozy feeling, and felt like the perfect place to do a little writing, reflect, and gather my jumble of thoughts.

I feel good today. It could be last night's yoga, maybe a decent night of sleep. I think the 'tired/moody' side-effects that come with the first couple of days of this sugar detox are starting to subside. I will admit I stared longingly at the cinnamon crunch bagels this morning when walking into Panera, but then remembered the pumpkin pancakes (made with coconut flour) waiting for me in my car for my breakfast at the office.

There isn't too much to report on the detox yet (I'm on Day 5) aside from these two facts that I know for certain:

1. I definitely had a mental breakdown and slightly cheated on Wednesday (Day #3). This was fully supported by my coworkers who knew I was in a bad place, and needed a little sugar in my life.

Yessssss I'm an emotional eater. Sigh.
                                                 I've been good since then, I promise.

2. My abs are currently more defined than they ever have been. Ever. I'm not really one to post selfies of my stomach, or stand in the mirror flexing, but hey I'm a girl and I check myself out on occasion.

You know that saying, abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym? I'm starting to believe it....

Alright, time to pack up and head to work. I like this morning thing, don't you? Embracing mornings was another one of my midyear goals, and I'm so glad we did this.

Tell me, what's your go-to cozy/homey coffee place when you need some alone time? I'm pretty sure this Panera just overtook the Starbucks by my work...

Have an awesome Friday, and do me a favor? Smile.



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