Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Night

I would be lying if I told you I'm not already in my pajamas. Ahhhh marathon training, it's a beautiful thing.

I had my Friday Panera date with myself again this morning, but not before a quick WOD in my own home gym. 

50 reps of each:
-Air Squats
-Butterfly sit-ups
-High knees (50 each leg)
-In & outs (suitcase sit-ups)
-Tuck jumps (knees must hit hands)
-Pushups (some were knee pushups, I'm weak)
-Russian twists
-Lunges (25 each leg)

It took me just over 17 minutes to complete.

While we are on the topic of my home gym, look what came in the mail for me this week:

Not necessarily a workout accessory... but kind of, as it will soon start coming with me on runs when the days start getting shorter. I love you fall, but I hate how you start stealing our daylight.

Want to see a few of my first-ever triathlon pictures?

Copyright of ChessiePhoto
Cool eh??

Last night was one of those nights where I really didn't get much done. It felt rather lovely; sometimes productivity can be exhausting.

I turned on this music documentary-type movie when I got home from PT, and instantly got sucked in. The music in it is awesome.

Bucket list for 2014: see Mumford & Sons live. Has to happen.
Sometimes it just feels so damn good to get off task.

I danced/ jumped around my room for awhile as the bands sang me sweet nothings. Jumping around without a care in the world, completely alone.

Goal number something or other of my mid-year goals is to do just that; dance alone in my room more often.

In the midst of my mindless musical dreaming, I spotted my violin sitting in the corner. Dusty and horrifically out of tune.

So I decided to tune that bad boy up and see what my fingers remembered. I used to be fairly decent in Middle School - I took lessons for almost seven years or so...

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I think I'm going to keep playing, and maybe even start teaching myself some new music. Running/health may be my #1 passion, but music isn't too far behind. I may even break open the case again tonight.

13 miles on tap early tomorrow morning for me. Mornings have been fairly cool here in Baltimore all week, I wouldn't mind if that stuck around through the weekend.

Hope your's is great, full of things you love!



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