Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Charming Charm City

Hey what do you know, it's hump day, AKA the middle of the week, AKA Weird Wednesday.

After 8 miles on the day, there isn't too much weirdness running through my veins (I sweat it all out in this beautiful humidity) but here's a weird fact for the day:

Recently I became an official grown-up when I bought my first ever shower curtain. The past two months I've just had that clear liner in there, but decided to spice it up and hang an actual green curtain to match my comforter.

It looks tan but I swear it's green.
I felt accomplished. HOWEVER...

I now have developed a slight complex from not being able to see into my shower, and have begun convincing myself on a daily basis that when I get home from work, there is a man hiding in my shower waiting to get me.

I don't know. I'm weird.

Another one of my recent mid-year goals was to join a Baltimore running group. There. Are. Tons.

I've been dragging my feet on this goal. Literally. My ankles make a lot of noise when I run, I like to listen to music, the excuses have been endless. Really it boils down to the fact that I really enjoy running alone; it's me time.

Why did I make this goal?

Regardless, I agreed to accompany two of my coworkers to the Charm City Run meet up tonight. I won't complain about the views:

I took a few pics of my coworkers running from behind, but I feel confident they will set my desk on fire if I post them, so I won't.

It was a muggy night, but we chatted and enjoyed the company of the several thousands of other runners who had ventured out to shuffle around the harbor. When we got back to the Charm City Running Store where we began, this pretty lady was waiting for us:

I love her.

I tried on a pair of Mizunos because I'm trying to figure out what I want my race shoe to be for D.C. Love my Brooks, but I'm just not sure the Cadences cut it upwards of 12-14 miles.

We'll see. There's another running store that is just down the street from my house that I may spend hours some time at this weekend trying to figure out my next best friend for my feet.

Moral of the story? I still don't like running groups, I need a new pair of shoes, dogs are the best.

The end.



  1. Yeah I like my marathon training group but thats because we paid so we like each other from showing up and running many miles together and are "all in it together". I always feel socially awkward at running groups when I try to make friends haha. Charm city run is the best for shoes though!

  2. my ankles make a lot of noise when i run too! popping and cracking all over the place.


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