Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Let's Get Weird

I don’t have a ton to report on the running front, aside from the fact that my PT worked on my tight left calf on Monday night and left it feeling like there’s a baseball it. Can’t wait to limp back there tomorrow and see what he has in store.

Let’s get weird really quick, I have a few things in mind.

I watched Pitch Perfect twice this past weekend. Is that sad? I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that it made me wish (again) that I could sing better. So for the past few nights I’ve been practicing in the shower; the acoustics are really quite beautiful in there.

We have this baby pool up on our deck and I don't know what to do with it. I originally got it back in June thinking it would be fun to fill with ice and put beer in it for a party… but that never happened. And now it’s just sitting there. Come October it will probably just go in the garbage, but if we have any suggestions for great uses before then please let me know.


I hate to be a materialist B, but Under Armour makes some pretty awesome underwear.
Worth every one of my $12, I LOVE them.

This gem popped up on my phone on Tuesday morning after a crucial Starbucks stop:

 On Monday afternoon we had a water main break at work, and were told that the water wasn’t going to be drinkable for the day… AKA… no making coffee at the office. So I grabbed myself a blonde roast, and BOOM, two stars away. I don’t even know what Starbucks Gold Level means, but it sounds awesome. I will probably go around letting everyone know that I am a Gold Member.

Hi I'm Kait, I'm a Gold Member.
Hot yoga is on tap tonight, and then I’m going to try to knock out 15 miles tomorrow before Kar & Les get into town for the weekend. After that, it may be a few days until I get back on here. You know the deal.

The bottom line? We most likely will not meet again until my September my friends. Do you know what September means? The start of pumpkin everything. EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGG.

I will leave you with this link: An awesome guide to pumpkin beer. There are so many brands out there – I already grabbed a 6 pack of Schlafly Pumpkin Ale this past week. Can’t wait to try it come Sunday.

Hope Labor Day Weekend treats you well – we have shenanigans planed in Baltimore, Ocean City, and Annapolis.  Always a good time when I’m with my wolves.



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