Sunday, August 4, 2013

chef kait

I don't get to say this very often, but holy crap was I productive this weekend!

What do you all think of some of the blog changes? Did you notice I have my own domain now? Woot Woot, high roller.

Still tweaking a few things, so expect a few more changes in the next week or so. If you're one of those people who hates change, and the recent reformatting has severely stressed you out, I offer my deepest apologies. But I won't change it back.

I want to talk about food.

And you're probably like, what else is new Kait?

I will admit, the 11 miles from this morning has left be a little hungrier than normal this evening, but that's not the main reason I want to talk about food. First off, have I ever told you that I love my kitchen in our new house?

It's marvelous, the island is extremely ideal, and I always feel very homey during my time up there slaving away over the stove.

Saturday night, I created this:

Cheesy Garlicky Shrimp Tacos.

Remember when I told you I want to be a taco connoisseur? I wasn't messing around kids.

The tacos were pretty easy to whip up, so I shall share the recipe:

- 1/2 bag of shaved brussel sprouts (get my from trader joes)
-1-2 tsp of garlic
-1 tbsp of olive oil
-2 wedges of Laughing Cow's light creamy swiss
-6-8 unthawed, pre-cooked shrimp
-3 corn tortillas
-hot sauce to taste.

The method to the madness:
Saute the brussel sprouts with the olive oil and garlic on the stove until they start to really stink of the entire house soften, it usually takes about 10 minutes. Mix in the cheese wedges, let melt a bit, and stir that bad boy up.

Microwave the corn tortillas if you like them soft, then add the spouts as the 'lettuce' portion of the tacos. Top with however many shrimp you prefer, and squirt some of that wonderful hot sauce on top.

It sounds a little weird, maybe it is, but I thoroughly enjoyed them up on my deck, while overlooking a brilliant sunset.

That was Saturday's creation. Tonight between the hours of 5-7 pm I slaved once again over the oven/stove/crockpot to create several paleo-like, sugar free creations, as I kick off the 21-day sugar cleanse/detox whatever you want to call it. Woot Woot!

I even enjoyed one final beer before kissing alcohol goodbye for the next 3 weekends. My friends think I'm crazy, maybe I am. I like crazy. And I definitely like challenges.

I spy a Blue Moon...
After the 11 miles today, some hot yoga is once again on tap for tomorrow. Dare I say, I'm looking forward to it?

Let me know your thoughts on brussel sprouts, paleo eating... heck tell me your most recent favorite meal creation. Hope your weekend treated you well, and Monday is kind.



  1. Um, roof deck and super nice kitchen. I may try to become your best friend. I tried to do the paleo thing for a month but I really like greek yogurt. I'm gluten sensitive so the lack of breads, etc. isn't that bad. Brussel sprouts are my favorite. I usually roast them because it's super easy/delicious.

  2. Yay for 21 day challenge. You're better than me. Alcohol is my saving grace since eating everything else paleo. I know it's not within the rules but F, I've seen plenty of sites that say Red wine is good to go. Good luck!

  3. Love the new layout! Obsessed. Love your deck too. Lylas

  4. you should probably come make me that dinner. because when i tired to make b sprouts one time they were icky. they were also the ones the steamables for the microwaves. that was probs my first problem.

  5. Yum!!! That meals looks so great-- and even better on that rooftop deck!

  6. Sautee some bsprouts with pine nuts & garlic!!! OR bsprouts, cheese of your choosing (I prefer feta), walnuts & dried cranberries. HOLY MOLY is it good!!!



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