Friday, February 1, 2013

Fabulous February

Happy February! I stole the above quote from Pinterest, and I love it. Number one because it's true and number two because it's Mumford and Sons. 

I've had quite the predicament this week. To start, I took off half the skin on the big toe of my right foot in a horrific shaving accident that I mentioned earlier this week. It rubs on just about every pair of shoes I wear so I've been obsessively treating it with Neosporin and speaking gentle words to it, asking it to heal up quickly.

Then there’s my left foot, that at some point I strained or something like that? I have no idea what I did to be honest. But when I woke up on Wednesday morning with 7 miles planned, I knew that wasn't what either of my stupid feet needed. With two crippled feet, I decided non-impact was the answer.

So last night at the gym involved a bunch of boring cross training and weight lifting, followed by an early morning spin class today. I REALLY want to be able to have a special Birthday run come Tuesday, so I may stick to low-impact stuff until then.  

Yes, that was a subtle date drop for anyone who wasn’t aware. Feel free to email me for my address to send gifts to. (I kid)

Word on the street is that the Super Bowl is this weekend? I searched high and low for Ravens gear in attempt to fit in with my purple-crazed coworkers, and here’s what I came up with:

do i look scared? because i was.
scared that someone in the locker room was going to catch me snapping pics of myself.
I realize anyone living in the ‘middle’ of the country probably doesn’t give a rat’s ass care too much about the game, but living in the Baltimore area it’s basically impossible not to get caught up in this Raven Nation madness. A fellow local blogger friend of mine came up with came up with an awesome idea of "Miles of Shame." Basically you pick your team, and if your team loses you have to run however many miles they lose by. Obviously you can put a cap on it to keep it reasonable.


That's all I've got for today folks. My weekend will entail some early birthday celebration, perhaps some pool workouts, and then Baltimore to watch the game on Sunday. Yes, we are very aware the city will be insane. Yes, we are also aware that we are possibly risking our lives by putting ourselves in the middle of the madness.

You only live once my friends. Experiences like this are rare.

Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

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  1. Haha I picked the Ravens too for the #MilesofShame :)


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