Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Disclaimer: this is not a headphones debate. I realize some runners are simply anti-headphones while running, and that’s fine. To each their own.

The Colorado Marathon
 I run with headphones in. I listen to music almost all day at work. I BLARE music in my car to the point of near deafness. I consider my iPod shuffle to be one of my closest friends.

Music brings me joy. It easily bring tears to my eyes. To get mushy gushy with you guys, I would say music is very much an emotional release. 

I had a great texting convo with my close wolfpack friend about this recently. Some people think we are a bit off our rockers when they hear us vehemently screaming about discussing music, artists, concerts, etc. That’s fine, maybe we are. But I LOVE my passion for music.  People find joy in many different things, in many different outlets. And I feel kind of blessed to have been given this particular passion.

Almost all of my favorite memories have music and songs attached to them. The song Springsteen by Eric Church instantly takes me back to Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, then to dancing on the lawn at Merriweather Amphitheater here in Maryland with Andrew, then to this past New Year’s Eve. Flipping through my iTunes library is pretty much comparable to flipping through a photo album in my mind.

Red Rocks

Why am I rambling on about this? Well, if you notice, I made a little change to those tabs up there at the top of my blog. 

From here on out, I will update that page every other week or so (about how often I update my playlists) with some of my favorite jams to workout/run/get motivated with. I am ALWAYS seeking awesome recs – and often use my dear blogger friend Brook’s Tuesday Tunesdays for some – and wanted to offer up the dark secrets of my massive Itunes library that I’m ever so proud of.

I may mention in posts when the page is updated… maybe I won’t, who knows. I love almost all genres of music…though I tend to be bias towards country. Regardless, I do promise to keep it updated, and to keep it classy.

Cheers to great jams!


  1. love this addition!!!!!! and the shout out :) ps. how addicting is the show Nashville!? #ermahgerd

  2. I wear headphones all day at work too and can't imagine doing a cardio workout of any kind without them!


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