Thursday, January 3, 2013

Return to Normal

Today marked my first day back in the office since almost two weeks. I woke up feeling unmotivated and a little sad, but once I got into the office, saw all my friends, and started getting after it I felt a lot better.

Want to know what else made me feel better? These.

It’s quite possible that I am officially a Brooks brat. This is my second pair of shoes from their “Pure” line – those beauts are the PureCadence 2’s. I took them for a quick 6 miles yesterday and was a fan. I will be rotating them with my other Brooks – the Connects – which are a little lighter with less cushion.

 The Connects will probably used for shorter runs and speed work from here on out. My hope is that as my distances continue to increase, that the Cadences will serve me well.

I feel like I kind of left the conclusion of my trip open-ended, so I wanted to give a quick wrap up on here. The second leg of it, Colorado, was great, and it was fantastic to spend lots of time with Andrew’s family as well as a bunch of our friends. We rang in 2013 with style at a beach-style bar in downtown Fort Collins, and owned the dance floor like it was our jobs.

 As far as this week, I don’t have much planned. It’s awesome and encouraging to me that tomorrow is Friday, and I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of catch-up this weekend. That include using the LuLuLemon giftcard that Andrew’s mom got me for Christmas. #winning

Anyone else out there a Brooks fan? I’m also wanting to try out some of their apparel in the near future as well.

Cheers to a short week!

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