Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snowy Thursday

This morning while driving into work I was convinced that I was going to write an explosive, ranty post in regards to how horrific Maryland is at clearing their highways of snow.

Lucky for you guys, I’m already over it.

Today did mark my first Maryland snowfall since moving here, and even though everyone freaked out and refused to drive normally, it still made me pretty happy.

Supposedly it’s National Peanut Butter Day? And National Canned Beer Day? And Compliment Day?  I don’t make this stuff up. Have I mentioned you guys are the best readers ever?

I went on a super cold 7 miles after work yesterday, and I’m pretty sure I gave myself permanent skin damage. That may be an exaggeration, I’m not sure yet. Regardless, my face felt raw afterwards and I couldn't feel my fingers. I've had my fair share of single digit temperature runs when I lived in Colorado, but I’m pretty convinced that this ‘humid’ Maryland type of cold is similar to a heat seeking missile… it gets in your bones.

I tucked my Under Armour cold gear top into my compression pants and it looked like I was running in a body suit which I’m sure was a sight to see. Sorry I'm not sorry that I didn't take a picture of it.

Two more reasons for you think I’m weird:

1. I wore my compression socks to work today.

2. My ideal start to dinner when its 20 degrees outside is a smoothie. I don’t have an explanation for it really.
Nonetheless, I promised my banana-hater coworker that I would make her a banana-less smoothie. Here’s what I came up with.

Cherry Almond Smoothie
-1 cup (frozen or raw) pitted cherries
-1 heaping scoop of almond butter
-1 TB of vanilla extract
-1 cup of milk (I used vanilla soy)
*I also added a dash of ginger for a little spice
These guys are from Target I believe?
This smoothie was light and delicious, it really surprised me. It also gave me a brain freeze.

That's all for today folks. I plan to throw some weights around after work, and hopefully dance practice with Andrew. You should see the looks we get from his roommates when we clear out his living room and yell at each other practice our most recent moves.  :)

Cheers my friends!


  1. Maryland is great at snow removal, especially in western MD! I was shocked at the difference when we moved to PA ...not good here!

  2. That smoothie looks awesome! Will be trying after I get some cherries. Ps I wear my compression socks all the time to work :) we can be weird together!

  3. I wear my compression socks to work nearly every day. I walk most of my shift so they help with standing all the time and they keep my leggies a little warmer too.


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