Monday, January 28, 2013


I wasn't going to write today, but I just have to share something really quick.

Today was a fantastic Monday. Aside from my run after work, when my foot bled through my shoe.

I didn't zoom in to spare you the bloody deets
 I nicked myself shaving (yes I shave my hairy feet) on Saturday and I'm not sure it's stopped bleeding since. OK, slight exageration, but it's right on the knuckle of my big toe and it's SO sensitive. About 4 miles into my run today I looked down and saw my predicament, and decided it might be best to head home. So a planned 7 miles turned into 5. Oh well.

A couple months ago I threw a small pity party for myself and complained to Andrew about how I never win anything, ever. I always enter fun giveaways on other blogs and get my hopes way up... only to cry a little bit when the winner isn't me...

Today at work I got this email:

I'm officially a winner!
and of something pretty freaking awesome.

The cruise leaves from Baltimore in October. This has been the best Monday in a long time.



  1. ESD:FKJFKJSFJ)(U)(UJSFLKJ well...Id rather win NOTHING and then win a free cruise. hahahah CONGRATS! miss you

  2. That's a pretty epic first win!


  3. That is FANTASTIC! Pretty sure that trumps getting to win anything else haha!!

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