Sunday, January 27, 2013

Plunging & Playing

Man, I could honestly lay down right now and call it a night. I am tiiiirrredddd. To be honest, I probably will once I finish writing this up.

Fun weekend. It was an impromptu total rest weekend - I had planned to run 8 or so miles today, but my body wasn't feeling it so I listened, did some stretches, and officially deemed it a lazy day. Sometimes you just need those, I fully believe that.

The crazy Ravens bus that was at the plunge

I volunteered at the Polar Bear Plunge all day on Saturday with a bunch of my coworkers. In case you didn't know, the PBP raises money for the Special Olympics. It's a great cause, and I'm glad I volunteered (I helped with registration)... but I'll tell you what, I don't think I could do the actual plunging.

As I watched thousands of people charge into the freezing Chesapeake Bay in about 30 degree temps, I honestly wanted to cry imaging the cold. I can push through a lot of different pain and annoyances, but I'll tell you what, when it comes to being cold I'm a B-A-B-Y. I would rather be sweating my butt off than be cold.

Saturday evening involved the Baltimore scene once again, as it was my dear coworker's birthday celebration! Fun was had by all... perhaps too much... but hey who am I to be the judge of that?

me and the birthday girl!

classic 'stach pic
As mentioned, today was lazy, but it was good quality time spend with my main man. We braved the Sunday crowds at Costco, grabbed some smoothies after and enjoyed an early movie on his couch before both nearly falling asleep. And here we are.

I'm excited for this week. I need to hit 'reset' just be proactive in a couple different areas of my life right now. I'm pumped to go hard tomorrow, whatever that may look like. Weather's looking good mid-week... I'm sorry, does that say 64 degrees? Hellooooo running trails.

Cheers to some January warmth!


  1. whoaaaa at the polar bear plunge!
    And, YES - lazy days are most definitely a necessity sometimes!

  2. Everyone deserves a lazy day!! And I'm with you on the baby when it comes to cold. I don't know how people do the PB plunge every year.


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